'Miles' our Mascot - and CUBS

Who is Miles?


Miles for Muscles, and raising awareness! Miles is a loveable lion, who was handmade by Sian, mum to Emmie, as a symbol of strength for families affected by Myotonic Dystrophy. There is a UK and a USA miles, and we are delighted to be able support the UK community by providing these cubs.

In the USA you can contact the facebook page 


Lisa Payne has been working incredibly hard in sending Miles cubs out to children in the USA. 




Miles Cubs!

Cure DM are delighted to announce our new campaign.

Miles is our much loved Mascot for our families and children living with DM, and in the past we have sent him to visit families in need of support or having a celebration. He is getting a bit old now, and wants to have a bit of a rest so will reside in the CURE DM shop.

Also…… it seems he has a litter on the way!

Cure DM have the most amazing Lion-Midwife, Jacquie from Topstitch. Jacquie is Cure DM-Emma’a cousin, and so this is a very special cause to her. She is going to help the Miles Cubs be born!

CLICK HERE to visit the TOPSTITCH website.


We will be sending cubs out to the children in our community on an ongoing basis. Names will be pulled out of a ballot, and as the cubs are born they will be sent to their new homes.

This campaign is funded by our amazing supporters, we cannot do this without the ongoing fundraising and support we are receiving.

THANK YOU to everyone who is helping make this possible.

CLICK HERE to see some of our MILES CUBS with their new owners!

Birth Certificate


Please read the following, and contact us to be added to the ballot.

HOW CAN MY CHILD RECEIVE A MILES CUB? - Miles cubs will only be sent to children with CDM or early childhood onset DM. Please email for more details and to be added to the ballot.

HOW IS A CHILD CHOSEN FOR A CUB? - To make it fair for all, children will receive a cub by having their name chosen out of a ballot. We can’t say who will be chosen when – it is the luck of the draw!

WHERE WILL YOU SEND MILES CUBS? - This is a UK only campaign.

HOW LONG WILL IT BE UNTIL I GET A CUB? - Miles cubs are born as and when we have funding to do so. We can not guarantee a timescale – this is an ongoing campaign from CURE DM and is reliant on the support the charity receives. We aim for as many children as possible to receive one at some pointbut we can not give any promised timescales. Miles cubs are handmade with love and care, each one is individual.

CAN I BUY A MILES CUB? - No, sorry, Miles cubs are not for sale. We are gifting them to the children in a fair way and cannot accept payments for them. You cannot buy our CURE DM UK Miles cubs, they are only produced by us.

CAN I DONATE TO THE MILES CUB FUND? - You can of course donate to Cure DM, and in particular to be saved for this campaign – please do let us know if this is the case.

Please be aware, this will not move you up the list in any way, as the ballot is completely random. However, all donations are greatly appreciated to help CURE DM continue to provide support, facilitate research, and raise awareness of DM.



IS MY CHILD ON THE LIST? - If you are unsure if your childs name is in the Ballot – please email and we will be happy to check for you.

MY CHILD IS VERY ILL, IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A MILES CUB FOR SUPPORT? - Please email to discuss this. We can’t guarantee anything but would be happy to see how we can support you.