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As Miles Cubs are born, we will add photos here. Please let us know names and we will add them with the photos.



The First Born!

Daniels cub.

Daniel was our first recipient of this campaign - and it was his 18th Birthday.

He is called "Dr.Who Miles"

We chose a Dr.Who fabric, and a red collar to match. Dan is a big fan of Dr Who.


Dregans Cub

Dregan received his cub at Christmas and has named him "Smuggler Miles"

Smuggler Miles is made from STAR WARS fabric, Dregan is delighted.



Bradleys Cub.

Bradley received his special Miles cub whilst he was in hospital this year. The cub watched over him and brought a little bit of happiness to a tough period.

Brads cub was made from a lovely fabric with colourful cars, trucks, motorbikes etc. He has a lovely blue mane. 


Princess C's cub.

A box of surprises for a very special princess! And of course, the cub is called "Princess"

C was so happy to receive her cub. It was made from Disney Princess material and has a lovely pink mane.


Matthews Cub!

Matthew was so pleased to receive his cub - he is called "Miles!"

Miles was made from Teletubbies fabric, and looks amazing with his red chequered mane!


Lily's Cub.

Another little princess with her new best friend.

Lily's cub is a twin to 'Princess' above - beautiful Disney fabric with a pink mane, and matching cute little nose!