HMS Pickle!


Finally berthed at Hull marina following an epic restoration by Mal Nicholson from North Lincolnshire. 

In the Battle of Trafalgar the Schooner Pickle was chosen to rush the news of Nelson's death back to the Admiralty in London. This replica was adapted from a Russian schooner to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Trafalgar.
She was originally built with 4 sister ships to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Peter The Great's fleet.


Amazingly Mal bought the ship on e-bay! She was in need of much TLC after running trips from Gibraltar for tourists. From the first sail it became apparent she was rotting away and an amazing renovation started. Several months later she's in pristine condition after replacing much of the wood, new sails, a broken mast, a rebuilt engine & pumps, much skilful work by craftsmen in Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal and support from around the world.

She sailed along the Humber with a Navy and RNLI escort on 25th September.
Miles was so excited to see a ship with so much History, he couldn't resist a detour on the way to the MDUK conference.

Mal Nicholson with Miles, Emma-Jayne and Pete.