Miles our Mascot

Who is Miles?

Miles for Muscles, and raising awareness! Miles is a loveable lion, who was handmade by the very talented Sian, as a symbol of strength for families affected by CDM.

He has his very own Facebook page! Click the image to be taken to his page.

Miles attends events, big and small, and travels internationally. In fact, he is so loved by our friends at the MDF (Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation) in USA, that he has decided to stay over that side of the pond for a while (They obviously spoil him!). His twin brother (also called Miles) has joined the gang in an attempt to visit wherever he is needed!

Miles can visit your child if they have an important occasion, whether a visit to the hospital, a routine appointment or a special event.

If you would like to have Miles come and visit you, please contact support@cmmd.uk

All we ask is that you post him onwards to his next appointment once he's finished his visit with you.



Where have I been and where am I going? (UK Miles)

13,033.36 Miles and counting!

Miles was born in 2015, in his short life so far he has already travelled to many places, and is collecting more travel points every day!

Upcoming events:



01.11.15 to 19.11.15 - Utah CDM study with Josh.

06.12.15 - Xmas Fundraising walk with Emmie.

19.12.15 - Lapland with Bobbie. (so jealous!)

visited Dan

Visited Tommy  - poorly

.02.16 - Indoor Skydive for The Fight Fund

Visited Lily-Rose - hospital

Sent to Dregan - Blackpool half marathon/zoo, Hospital for op

London Marathon

London with Dregan

Gung Ho







Past events:

27.10.15 - Conference in Sheffield with specialists.

24.10.15 - Blackpool with the Fight Fund crew.

18.10.15 - Whitton Village 'Apple Fest' with Dregan. North Lincolnshire.

08.10.15 - Important visit with Josh for Surgery.





27th October 2015

MDUK Up-skilling day.

Miles and some of The Fight Fund team spent the day in Sheffield today, at an 'Upskilling' day with professionals such as Care Advisors, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists and Occupational therapists.

We were given the opportunity to share some of our Knowledge of Myotonic Dystrophy. We hope it was a helpful day for all involved, and that we helped to spread awareness of the condition to those who are at the forefront of our care.

You can read more about the day here.

Thank you for inviting us MDUK!

24th October 2015

Checking out The Hilton - Blackpool!
Miles has had a great weekend in Blackpool! The Fight Fund have been checking out Venues for their upcoming Charity Ball - Miles gives The Hilton his ROAR of approval!!!

18th October 2015

Fundraiser in Whitton, UK.

I went with Dregan and some of the Fight Fund crew to Whitton, UK. It was for a village event called Apple Fest.

I had a great time, spent time with some of the Fight Fund kids, and met some new friends.

Here's me posing with the giant apple! We raised £58 for the charity!!!

8th October 2015

Josh is in Hospital.

Little Joshy was in hospital today for an operation. He had to have Grommets put into his ears so he can hear better. This means a General Anaesthetic - which we know can be risky for people with Myotonic Dystrophy.

So, I went along and stayed with him. Here I am with him while he was put to sleep - and I was there when he woke up too.

The operation went well!



28th September 2015

A supportive Roar for Emmie.

Emmie had a Paediatricians appointment today. We all know how sometimes all these clinical visits can be a bit tiresome, so Miles decided to pop along for the ride.

Here is Miles, Emmie, and her lovely Paediatrician, Dr Daley.

26th Sept 2015

Gosh - Another information day - this time Muscular Dystrophy UK Annual AGM and Conference!

Its a busy time of year for Miles and the CMMD-UK team!

Click here to be taken to this exciting page, and see which Celebrity he was rubbing paws with!

25th September 2015

Welcome to Hull - 'HMS Pickle'

Miles took a detour on the way to London to welcome the HMS Pickle back into the UK.

Click HERE to see how excited he was, and to learn more about the voyage!

19th September 2015

MDSG Conference - Nottingham

Miles had a lovely time at the Nottingham Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group Conference.

Click HERE to see what he got up to!

Dregan's Birthday.

Sweet 16!

Miles made a quick surprise stop to Dregan's 16th Birthday party!

How could he not? - There was Harry Potter cake to be eaten!