Afternoon Teas by Jenny!

13.08.16 - 10.09.16

4 Afternoons of yumminess!


Jenny had an amazing fundraiser this summer - 4 afternoons of Afternoon Teas.

Such a lovely idea, one I think I may have to try myself (yummy cakes!!)

She raised an outstanding £800!

You can read more on her Justgiving page HERE, which tells her story and why she chose to raise for The Fight Fund.



London Marathon 2016

Pete and Miles - Running for Dregan!

Pete said he'd never do it...but Miles needed help to get through 26.22 miles! AND THEY DID IT!

Raising a GOBSMACKING £2374.16 at the same time.


Deborah and her half Marathon for Emmie.

24th April 2016

A great big WELL DONE and Thank you to Deborah, who ran Southampton half marathon for her friends daughter Emmie - who has CMMD.

Deborah raised an amazing £770!

London Marathon 2016

Well done to  Elijah who ran London Marathon for The Fight Fund!

Elijah raised an amazing £865 for The Fight Fund, which will help his little brother Josh, and other families living with this condition.

Josh has Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy. Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy is a genetic condition which presents itself in early childhood. It is a multi-systemic Neuromuscular disorder, under the umbrella of 'Muscular Dystrophy'.

Fiona Jumped for Josh!

I don't really like flying, I hate heights and am not too keen on challenges, so why did I volunteer to do a sky dive?!
My inspiration is gorgeous little Josh who I am carrying in the photo above. He has Congenital Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy, and at only four years old has faced innumerable challenges with extraordinary courage and determination, fuelled by his devoted family.

To date there is no cure for this devastating illness so funding for research is crucial, and time is of an essence. 

When I dive (eek!) I will focus on little Josh and all the bold children and families who are affected by M.D ... I hope you will support me and 'dive' into your pockets! Thanks, Fi x

Fiona raised an astounding £470.05

Marilyn jumped for Josh!

Marilyn raised an amazing £310.
As a children's nurse it never ceases to amaze me how our parents and children deal with the challenges given to them through consultations and diagnosis.

Much travel, little sleep, no answers, no hope, fear, very little support or information are just some of the things that spring to mind.

If I can raise awareness and money for this cause by sky diving indoors it could change the future for these families in treatment research and support.

Thank you for sponsoring me, In particular for the little boy I'm jumping for is called Joshy and he's an amazing wee fella with the most amazing family caring for him, breathing his every breath. I want to help overcome this horrible disease cruel to children from birth without any cure at present "

CMMD's Orange Friday!

22nd January 2016

We raised £1557.05 for The Fight Fund!

We joined with MDUK and brightened a dull January Friday by wearing something Orange and raising money for the Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Fight Fund for research into this life limiting condition.

We had many schools and individuals involved!

WELL DONE everyone - a GREAT day!